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How do I log into CEC's online portal for providers?

Click here to access our Provider Portal. If you are unable to login, please contact CEC at 888-254-4290 extension 504.

How do I obtain an authorization?

Obtaining an authorization is simple and only takes a few minutes. First, log into our Provider Portal, then click “Authorizations” and fill out the required information. Once you select the correct member, click “Obtain Authorization”. You may also call Customer Service at 888-254-4290 to obtain an authorization.

Note: an authorization is not a guarantee of payment.

How do I check eligibility?

To check a member’s eligibility, log into our Provider Portal and click the “Eligibility” tab.  The member's name and date-of-birth are all that is necessary to check eligibility if the member ID is not available. 

How can I release an authorization?

You can cancel your authorization by logging into our Provider Portal and clicking the “Authorizations” tab.  Then, select the authorization you would like to cancel and click “Cancel an Authorization”.  You may also call Customer Service at 888-254-4290 if you need assistance.

How do I obtain a member ID number?

To obtain a member ID number, log into our Provider Portal and click the “Eligibility” tab. 

If you are unable to obtain the number through the portal, please call our Customer Service Department at 888-254-4290.  Be sure to have the primary member’s name and date of birth on-hand.

How do I file a claim?

There are three options for submitting routine vision claims: 


  1. Online.  You can submit claims by logging into our Provider Portal and clicking on the “Claims” tab.  

  2. Paper Forms.  Claims can be sent via CMS/HCFA 1500 Paper Forms.  These forms can be submitted by: 

    a. Faxing them to 704-426-6044 – Attention: Claims

    b. Mailing them to CEC, Attention: Claims, 4944 Parkway  Plaza Blvd, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28217, 

  3. E-Claims.  CEC accepts claims via electronic 837 file format.  


Please note that an authorization number must be obtained in order to file a claim.  In addition, any claim in which the primary diagnosis code is a medical diagnosis code (i.e., not a routine vision diagnosis code) should be sent to the member’s health plan.  Such claims should not be filed with CEC.

How can I check the status of a claim?

Providers can check the status of a claim by logging into the Provider Portal and clicking on the “Claims” tab.

Does CEC reimburse quickly?

Yes.  Our state-of-the-art claims system enables providers to submit claims online in a matter of seconds.  The system ensures that each online claim is complete and accurate, which dramatically shortens the turnaround time for claims payment.  Claim payments are issued twice a month.

How can I check the status of my credentialing?

Please contact our Provider Relations Department to check the status of your credentialing.

How can I become an in-network provider?

Where can I obtain a copy of an EOP?

Providers can download and print an EOP by logging into the Provider Portal and clicking on the “Claims” tab.


To access the EOPs online, you will need to log into CEC’s Provider Portal.


If you cannot log into the Provider Portal, please contact us at or 888-254-4290 ext. 504.


Users will have access to all claims associated with any practice locations linked to your user login for the CEC Portal.


EOPs are added on the 1st and 16th of every month. A practice user may see multiple checks or EFTs for the same check run date, depending on how your practices are paid (e.g., Tax ID and/or method of payment).


If you are unable to see the EOPs for a location you administer, please contact your practice administrator or CEC’s Provider Relations team to discuss.

Do you offer electronic funds transfer (EFT)?

Yes.  To update your EFT information, please contact our Provider Relations Department.

We have been working with CEC for over 12 years.  Our experience has been nothing short of fantastic.  They have a quick turnaround time for payment, their plans are easy to understand and they have great customer service.  Their staff is always friendly and eager to help.  We appreciate their credentialing process because it is much faster than other companies and their online claims submission is simple to use which is a plus for high volume offices like ours."

Joan E