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Why Enroll

Thinking about enrolling in your company's CEC vision plan?

The choice is easy. Enrolling in CEC gives you the vision services you need and the ability to select the eyewear you want. With CEC, there’s never any confusion about what’s covered. It’s that simple!
Community Eye Care

Plan Benefits


With most CEC vision plans, you and any dependents you enroll will receive the following benefits*:


  • An annual routine eye exam
  • An annual allowance for prescription on non-prescription eyewear
  • An annual contact lens fitting, re-fit, or evaluation


Our expansive network of eye doctors gives you the ability to see your preferred provider. Need a weekend appointment? We've got you covered. CEC's network includes 25 national retail optical chains, including Visionworks, Walmart, Target Optical, and LensCrafters.

Community Eye Care

Eyewear Allowance


When you enroll in CEC, you can use your flexible eyewear allowance annually to get frames, lenses, contact lenses, and lens enhancements. Even non-prescription eyewear is covered!  There are no restrictions on frames or lenses.  You can purchase exactly what you need for the health of your eyes. 


Additionally, you can use your allowance "back-to-back" to double your purchasing power.  This means you can use your allowance in the last month of your plan year to purchase frames and your new allowance in the first month of the plan year to purchase glasses.  This purchasing method doubles your allowance towards expensive pairs of glasses. 


Community Eye Care

Sunglasses Included


Sunglasses block harmful UV rays, which can damage your eyes. Because sunglasses are so important to eye health, they are a covered benefit under all of CEC’s vision plans.  


CEC members can use their annual eyewear allowance to purchase a prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.  In addition, other non-prescription eyewear such as blue light blocking glasses, safety glasses, and readers are also included.


Don't need corrective lenses, but a family member does?  You can use your eyewear allowance to purchase non-prescription eyewear and any enrolled family members can use their eyewear allowance for their prescription eyewear.  It's that easy!

Special Offers

CEC members enjoy a variety of Special Offers like hearing aid discounts, contact lens rebates, and more! Visit our Special Offers page for the most up to date offers.
Special Offers
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind


Experience Peace of Mind with Our 20/20 Member Guarantee


Our 20/20 Member Guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction with services received from a CEC network provider. If you aren't happy with the services or products received when using your benefit, contact our Customer Service Department for assistance

My experience with CEC’s customer service team has been one of the best experiences I've ever had in dealing with an insurance company! I can guarantee I'll be recommending Community Eye Care to everyone I know. "

CEC Member