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How do I find a provider in your network?

Simply visit our Find a Provider page. You can search by zip code, city and state, doctor’s name and practice name.

What does my benefit include?

To view your benefits or check your eligibility, login to your Members Portal.  You will need your member ID number and date of birth.  If you do not have your member ID number, you can locate it on your member ID card or call Customer Service at 888-254-4290 to obtain it.

Can I view my benefit online?

Yes, you can view your benefits in the Members Portal.  You will need your member ID number and date of birth. If you do not have your member ID number, you can locate it on your member ID card or call Customer Service at 888-254-4290 to obtain it.

Can I use my benefits when I order glasses or contacts online?

You have the option of using your benefit online via  To begin, you will need to create an account on  Once you’ve created your account, you will be able to apply your eyewear allowance to your purchase.

How can I obtain a new ID card?

You can obtain a new ID card by logging into your Members Portal. Once you log in, click on the “Request new ID Card” button in the top right corner. The new ID card will be generated and mailed the next business day. You can also request a new ID card from your employer or contact Customer Service at 888-254-4290 for additional assistance.

Can I request an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

To request an EOB, simply contact our Claims Department. Please have your member ID number and date of birth available.

Is the benefit portable?

Yes. If you leave your employer for any reason, CEC has a Portability Plan Option whereby you retain your vision benefit. The Portability Option must be exercised within 60 days of termination of employment. Payments are handled through personal credit card or bank draft.

Can the CEC benefit be coordinated with other vision plans and/or medical plans?

No, coordination of benefits is not permitted, either with respect to other vision plans or with respect to vision benefits under health insurance plans.

How do I file an out-of-network claim?

If you visit an out-of-network provider, you will need to submit an out-of-network claim form with a copy of your receipt(s) for reimbursement within 180 days of your date of service.  Click here to submit your out-of-network claim online.

Please note that when you visit an in-network provider, your provider and CEC will handle the claim for you. Members can only file an out-of-network claim if they visited an out-of-network provider.

How long does it take for my out-of-network claim to be processed?

Out-of-network claim submissions are typically processed within 30 business days from submission date. Once processed, the claim then moves into CEC’s payment process, which can take up to an additional 15 business days.  Missing information may delay processing and reimbursement.

Has my out-of-network claim been received and processed?

If you have not received a check within 60 days of submitting the claim, you can check the status of the claim by logging into the Members Portal and viewing your past provider visits.

Are there any restrictions regarding reimbursement for out-of-network visits?

CEC will only reimburse members who visit out-of-network providers’ offices, optical stores and optical websites that have the ability to process prescription eyewear. For a listing of restricted locations, please see the Out-of-Network Benefits section on our Supplemental Information page.

If my preferred provider is not in-network, how do I recommend the provider be credentialed and added to the CEC network?

You may recommend your doctor by having them complete this form, or you can email our Provider Recruitment Department with the doctor’s name and practice information and we will try to recruit them.

CEC’s Customer Service reps are courteous and helpful.  They go above and beyond in assisting me with my questions."

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