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EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

Find the perfect pair for you or your color blind loved one

Save up to 20% Off EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

EnChroma's patented lens technology helps those with red-green color blindness see a whole new world of vibrant reds and oranges, deeper blues and purples, and lush greens. CEC members can take advantage of special discounted pricing on a wide range of EnChroma glasses. Shop for EnChroma glasses through our link below to find the perfect pair for you or your color blind loved one.


New & Improved Lenses Deliver Up To 35% Better Performance

EnChroma’s latest lens design, which is engineered with technically advanced spectral notch filters, delivers up to 35% improved color performance and renders whites and neutrals more accurately.


Scientifically Proven To Help You See Color

Recent studies found EnChroma color blind glasses, enhance color vision for those with the most common types of color blindness. Test subjects saw immediate improvement, which persisted long-term even after subjects stopped wearing the glasses.